The Moral ChildCare Centre

Our Goal

At The Moral Childcare Centre, we are aware that all children are individuals to be treated with respect; they must be made to feel secure, positive, warmth and mingle in a caring environment at the centre.

Our Philosophy

We strive to provide challenging, stimulating experiences that meet the growing needs of children with lively minds and an appetite for more experiences in all areas of developmental growth and to foster home-school partnership with parents.



The Moral Childcare Centre was set up on a small scale in 1991 at the old premises of Telok Ayer Community Centre at Boon Tat Street, in the heart of Chinatown. The objective of the centre at that time was to provide care-giving services for working mothers in the neighbourhood.

Teachers those days did not have formal training in Early Childhood Education.  However, over the years we sent teachers for courses to equip them with knowledge to operate the centre professionally. The current teachers in the centre possess various qualifications viz certificates in Pre-School teaching, certificates in Infants and Toddlers, Diplomas in Teaching and Leadership and Degrees in Early Childhood Education.  The teachers are professionally trained  to provide the children with creative challenging experiences in all areas of developments cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally to attain their fullest potentials with great emphasis on creative and logical thinking.

On 24th April 2007, we shifted the centre from  Boon Tat Street to Viking Road as the former was affected by the construction of Circle Line MRT.

The centre at Viking Road was located in a low-lying area and was prone to flooding. We experienced two flash floods on 28th November 2007 and 26th September 2008.  As a result, we had no choice but to shift the centre to our current location at Blk 415, Bukit Batok West Avenue 4, #01-264, Singapore 650415 .

We have been operating from Bukit Batok since 30th March 2009. The Childcare and Infant care services here are provided at very affordable fees. The centre here is bright, clean, spacious and conducive for infant and young children.

Since December 2012, a new branch was open at Blk 407 Serangoon Ave 1

They are encouraged to explore, discover and learn through play and creative hands-on activities.  The children are taken our regularly  for enriching and educational tour to various places of attractions viz Singapore Zoo, The Bird Park, The Botanic Gardens, Sentosa  etc to broaden their knowledge.

We also encourage parents’ to actively participate in educational talks like ‘Hygiene Talk’, ‘Health Talk’, ‘Nutrition Talk’ and many others interesting activities  organised periodically for the children in the centre.

We are currently reviewing our Infant Program and Childcare curriculum to develop our children’s fullest potentials and to train them to meet future challenges ahead confidently.

Our Infant Program is based on our belief that children learn best when they play in a conducive environment, which encourages them to explore and discover great, wonders of their world freely. Children’s physical, cognitive and social needs are best met when an experiential or ‘hands-on’ approach is coupled with a loving and caring philosophy.

Our childcare teachers’ support children’s Holistic Development as every aspect of children’s development should be recognised and valued in order to maximise their potentials.


  1. Provide children with opportunities to develop key knowledge and skills in the following learning areas:
      1. Aesthetics and creative expressions
      2. Language and Literacy
      3. Motor skills development
      4. Numeracy
      5. Self and Social awareness
      6. Environment awareness
  2. Design learning spaces and a variety of activities and play that promote interpersonal interactions.
  3. Looking out for teachable moments.
  4. Learning beyond the classrooms.

We provide good education, caring and dedicated professionally trained Infant Care and Childcare teachers to equip children with great challenging skills and knowledge.